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Learning Courage in Law School | By Daniel June
The root virtue has long been regarded as courage. As it’s name suggests, courage comes from the core, from the heart of a man or woman; it was believed by the Greeks to be the basis of all other virtues. As a JD, courage is helpful in many ways. Being bold enough to confront a judge, colleagu...
Defining Your Purpose to Integrate Your Studies | By Daniel June
Legal studies are similar to any body of study: though your professors provide their material in the most integrated format possible, the material is in fact quite dispersive, even within one course, let alone across three years and various courses taught by different professors. That is to be expec...
Using your Life Continuum to Make the Most of your Law School Education | By Daniel June
Training is something that happens to you, something that is put into you; dogs are trained, tigers are trained, children are trained. Education is another manner. As the Latin of the word suggests, education is something that is drawn out of you, something you consciously participate in. Only adult...
Should you Choose an Emphasis in Law School? | By Daniel June
Most law schools don’t offer the option to “major” in any specific aspect of law, nor to choose a special concentration. In most causes, that is something you would informally do by choosing classes that pertain to your ultimate career goal. But should you? Is it better to get a we...
Meet Your Professor | Daniel June
Networking is vital in the legal profession. Not only is the career socially focused, based mostly on the use of language, but pragmatically there are fewer jobs than seekers, so networking is especially relevant. You should not wait until you are out of law school to begin. In fact, you should begi...
What to do Before you Land Your First Job | By Daniel June
Graduating, passing the bar, all those accomplishments give you a thrill. You’ve done what many can’t. Perhaps you’ve even done it well. But assuming you don’t have an offer waiting for you at the exit, you are due for an ordeal.You already know what to expect: you will be jo...
Should You Date Another Lawyer? | By Daniel June
Proximity is the number one factor in mate selection: the men or women you have access to are effectively your dating pool, your range of possibilities. And if you are a lawyer, chances are many of your friends are lawyers, you spend a lot of time with lawyers, most people you chum with have some re...
The Technologically Savvy Lawyer | By Daniel June
What do you have as a law student that practicing lawyers and even your professors lack? Technological edge. Being part of the next generation of lawyers, you are naturally at the pulse of technology. Use that to your advantage. The legal profession has been utterly expedited by the latest technolog...
How to Network with Lawyers | By Daniel June
Once you graduate, how do you make your presence felt in the legal world? Social networking. This isn't sitting at home on your computer emailing your resume to law firms. Mass emailing your resume is spam and not only will it get deleted, and it might even leave a nasty residue on your name. So...
How Not to Panic on Your First Law School Exam | by Daniel June
With the little feedback law school professors tend to give and the lack of practice questions or midterms, you might panic when faced with your first Final Exam. What is anxiety, after all, but fear of the unknown? So make sure you get acquainted with what you are in for. Precedence is the basis of...
459 matches |  71-80 displayed
1  6 7 8 9 10  46

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University of Michigan Ann Arbor School of Law

The University of Michigan Ann Arbor School of Law or the Michigan School of Law as it is popularly known is one of the oldest law schools of the U.S. and it consistently ranks among the top 10 law schools of the U.S. in rankings published by different sources and organizations. Michigan Law School is considered to have one of the best campuses and collegiate environment among U.S. law schools.

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