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What Classes Should Law Students Take? Focus on Staple Course and Avoid Special-interest Courses | By Daniel June
If you are a WWE wrestler, then inventing some crazy move and trademarking it gives you what you want: fame and notoriety. Of course it's totally different with Olympic wrestling, in which winning has less to do with pulling some crazy move out of your bag of tricks, but in doing some basic move...
Studying Legal Texts and the Art of Active Reading | By Daniel June
Knowing how to take notes from books is as important as taking them from lectures or clients. Reading is a large part of the legal profession; in a way, legalese, the special jargon-laden language lawyers use to finally make words mean one thing without too much wiggling, comes from really knowing w...
Law School Lecture Note Taking | by Daniel June
Taking notes is that art by which we objectify and crystallize our thoughts and speech, and for a law student, having a strong method will empower him or her for everything else. Note taking is a continuum. Students will have taken notes ever since they were taught to outline in grade school, and yo...
Online Law Degree: Viable Option or Utopian Dream? | By Daniel June
The prospect of an online law school seems charming: you wouldn't have to relocate to a law school, you'd save heaps over the more than $100,000 typical law schools tuition, and you could come to "class" in your pajamas. Nevertheless, though this industry is booming in other fields...
Tips on How to Defeat the Opposition at Your Next Trial Competition | By Vanessa Brewer
There are many roads to become a law school heavy weight. Some set themselves apart as a member of law review, but for those that don’t like to sit in one place and edit all day, there is an alternative, Moot Court Competitions. What makes a stellar Moot Court Champion? What are the ultimate t...
Outlines: Fruit from the Poisonous Tree or Necessary to Success? | By Vanessa Brewer
One of the greatest law school debates is whether to use pre-canned outlines or create your own. Almost every law school professor will tell you to make your own outlines. On the other hand, almost every 2L and 3L will tell you to grab outlines from 2Ls and 3Ls that took the same class with the same...
The Eight Rules of Networking | By Vanessa Brewer
After graduation, the legal market was in the toilet, so Jane did what she could; she hit the legal pavement and began networking. However, Jane made many mistakes while she was “networking”. The biggest mistake - she did not research networking techniques. At LawCrossing, we DO NOT want...
How to Survive Being a 1L? | By Vanessa Brewer
One great Hollywood version of the 1L experience is captured in The Paper Chase. The film takes you through the first year experience of the main character, Hart, as he attends Harvard Law School. The film contains all the classic 1L moments from being publicly sliced and diced by a brilliant and de...
2012 U.S. News Law School Rankings Released | By A.S. Pradhan
The latest U.S. News law school rankings are out, and the top 14 places are pretty much the same, except for newcomer UT-Austin at number 14. Yale is still number one, followed by Harvard at second place, and Stanford at number three. But the real news is how U.S. News has changed its ranking method...
IBM’s Watson - Are Lawyers Next on Its List | By A.S. Pradhan
If you thought that the machines would never rise, and that Skynet was just in the realm of science fiction; IBM’s Watson may prove that the era of our AI lords is nearer than we think. Watson, having beaten the two smartest Jeopardy contestants ever, is now planning to do legal work. Yes, leg...
459 matches |  81-90 displayed
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The University of Michigan Ann Arbor School of Law or the Michigan School of Law as it is popularly known is one of the oldest law schools of the U.S. and it consistently ranks among the top 10 law schools of the U.S. in rankings published by different sources and organizations. Michigan Law School is considered to have one of the best campuses and collegiate environment among U.S. law schools.

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