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Prospective Lawyers Should Mind Their Online Reputation | By Daniel June
The internet has an allure of giving you the freedom to say whatever you want without too much accountability. Facebook, tweeting, blogs, etc. let us voice all those repressed aggressions and idiosyncrasies we have to withhold while in school or on the job. But don’t be deceived. As many as 37...
Developing a Sense of Pace in Law School | By Daniel June
There are some study tips that you should have worked out in your undergrad years about evening out rash bad habits such as procrastination. Having a sense of pace is necessary for difficult programs such as law school, not to mention keeping energized for the job hunt coming up, and also your subse...
Discouragement In Waiting for that First Job | Daniel June
Courage means facing discouragement, and the utmost in morality is to triumph over demoralization. It is easy enough to dream – any old beggar on the street can dream of better days, or sing some song about ‘the big rock candy mountain.’ But what differentiates men from boys, women...
Priming the Mind for Legal Success | By Daniel June
Books like Frasier’s The Golden Bowl seem to both realize the high power of fetishism and magic while maligning mankind’s superstitions for relying on them. Sympathetic magic? Who needs it? But as sports athletes and successful people everywhere have noted, having some “magic&rdquo...
Scalia’s Advice to Law Students | By Daniel June
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the court’s longest service justice, gave some advice not all too surprising for a 77-year-old to give: law schools have grown lax, they are letting students down. The classes aren’t rigorous; they are too many electives and not enough of the “...
Balance: The Tao of Law | By Daniel June
The best way to be a great law student is to be great at not being a law student. Being great at life in general does not mean you should compete as fiercely in everything as you do with law, to be the best, to learn the most. But there is a baseline of energy anybody can express on a given day. Lik...
Join a Bar Association | By Daniel June
How many of us have taken Spanish in highschool and can't even count to diez? How is it that four years of Spanish pronunciation and vocabulary and we can't even listen in on the fellow shoppers speaking in Spanish? What's the problem? The problem is that we learn a language by immersion...
The Art of Law | By Daniel June
As an undergrad we were given the choice between a bachelor’s of art and a bachelor’s of science. So what does law come down to, a science, or an art? Law is by nature philosophical in the most pragmatic sense, analytical, logical, exact, yet the accomplished lawyer becomes an artist, as...
As a Law Student are You a People Person or an Idea Person? | By Daniel June
There are two types of people in the world, idea-people and people-people. The first thinks in terms of ideas, is abstract, is by nature more scientific and analytical, perhaps a bit more cold, but accurate, with his nose against the facts. The people person on the other hand can get a lot of people...
459 matches |  61-70 displayed
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University of Michigan Ann Arbor School of Law

University of Michigan Ann Arbor School of Law

The University of Michigan Ann Arbor School of Law or the Michigan School of Law as it is popularly known is one of the oldest law schools of the U.S. and it consistently ranks among the top 10 law schools of the U.S. in rankings published by different sources and organizations. Michigan Law School is considered to have one of the best campuses and collegiate environment among U.S. law schools.

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