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Tips for Prospective Law Students | By Jim Vassallo
With so many people heading off to law school each year, we decided to put together a list of important tips for prospective law students. You can take or leave these points, but you should consider following them closely if you are headed off to law school anytime soon.Early Experience is Key"...
2013-14 Guide to Top LL.M. Programs in America Released by LawCrossing | By Jim Vassallo
Finding the perfect law school to attend is a difficult task for students of all ages. This means that you will need to spend quite a bit of time performing research into each school that interests you. Your research can be made easier with the use of a new guide released by LawCrossing.The guide...
Tips for New Law Students | By Jim Vassallo
Entering into law school can be exciting and scary at the same time. Do not let the tales of previous law students frighten you when beginning a new venture in your life. What you need to realize is that there are plenty of people to speak with about your worries, issues, and questions about law sch...
Join a Study Group | By Daniel June
The way to acquire not only mere knowledge – facts, figures and dates – and understanding – how those ideas form a relationship – but also wisdom – how to use those interrelated ideas in life and in law – comes from continual contact with the material. That means ...
Three Habits to Secure In Law School | By Daniel June
You have certain study habits you've adopted in your life since grade school, through sports and personal hobbies, learning habits that inform how you form your memories and habits. Stick with those. But as you go through law school, you will soon be facing challenges that require you to develop...
Build your Studying Endurance By Having a Purpose | By Daniel June
Consider some of mankind's greatest and most mysterious accomplishments, from the Sphinx and the pyramids to Renaissance art, to gothic cathedrals, to heroic acts in battle. Most of mankind's greatest accomplishments come from having a sense of higher purpose. For having that purpose, whatev...
Handling Slumps and Depressions in Law School | By Daniel June
We all get anxious at times, we all get depressed; some are more prone to this than others, but nobody escapes it in the long run. Meanwhile, we are in law school, we've done a lot to be here, paid a lot to be here: what sort of career are we building for ourselves if instead of making a favorab...
Keeping Active With Outlines | By Daniel June
The mind learns through active engagement; the more you struggle with the materials, the more you continually return to it, the stronger a grasp you will have on them. Pain is the basic mnemonic device, but to be a strong student you need be no masochist. What is any form of training but pushing you...
How to Keep Cool on Your First Day of Law School | By Daniel June
You're a law student! You're on your first day to school, and perhaps you've been losing sleep about it: What if my school isn't ranked high enough? What if I don't graduate in the top ten percent of my class? What if I can't get a job 10 month out of law school? I may be ple...
Last Minute Prep for 1Ls | By Daniel June
Alright class of 2015, classes are about to start, you're a little nervous, a little excited, and you are ready to push your angst into a little preparation. Now's the time to take things to the next step. It's time to read ahead on the courses you are about to take, ensure you've co...
459 matches |  41-50 displayed
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University of Michigan Ann Arbor School of Law

University of Michigan Ann Arbor School of Law

The University of Michigan Ann Arbor School of Law or the Michigan School of Law as it is popularly known is one of the oldest law schools of the U.S. and it consistently ranks among the top 10 law schools of the U.S. in rankings published by different sources and organizations. Michigan Law School is considered to have one of the best campuses and collegiate environment among U.S. law schools.

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