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How to Keep Cool on Your First Day of Law School
By Daniel June

You're a law student! You're on your first day to school, and perhaps you've been losing sleep about it: What if my school isn't ranked high enough? What if I don't graduate in the top ten percent of my class? What if I can't get a job 10 month out of law school? I may be plenty smart, but wasn't all this a dumb decision? If any such thoughts have passed your mind -- and even the best can get discouraged from time to time -- consider this:

You've made your decision. Be resolved, therefore, to follow it through, for better or for worse. For like a marriage, if you second-guess yourself when it's too late, and wonder what could have been or should have been, you are diverting resources from the here and now. The hero's attitude is to make the most of what you've chosen. This is your lot, this is your place, and whether it was wise or not is of no concern to you now. What matters now, now that they decision has been made, is putting your whole effort into making this succeed. And that means shining, doing the best you are capable of, reaching and overcoming your own limits, even if you didn't get into the finest school in the land, even if you don't graduate in the top ten percent of your class, even if you don't get a job within the first year of graduation, because there's something no man or woman ever regretted: doing their best.

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