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Virginia Tech Massacre

This is one of the worst happenings at a school...Someone else to suffer cuz there's a psychopath around...Bull shit!!!This unexpected slaughter could have been prevvented in some way when there were signs Seung-Hui Cho was a psychopath

A judge ruled in 2005 that Virginia Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho (sung-wee joh) was a danger to himself and ordered him to undergo psychiatric counseling. But because he was treated as an outpatient and never committed to a mental health hospital, his name never made it into the database.

Why do these things happen???Anyone ever given a thouhg to this...If not take a stand and think about it for a moment

Posted by: Freaky 1L on 05/01/2007 07:02 AM | Number of feedback 4


these things never happen elsewhere. i'm serious. i used to live in china--not once did this ever happen! i really think it has to do with a country's culture, economics, and government. perhaps, our system is too lax?

Posted by: jonesy on 05/03/2007 01:14 PM | Number of feedback 1

Yup jonesy i agree with you... There is something seriously wrong with the country's culture. That again gravely injures the families living and adapting to it.  The increasing number of families breaking up and the pressures of adapting to the culture of the nation also builds up...The govt needs to help all those who need some...But when someone tries to help, people need to step forward and realize that they do need help...!! 

Posted by: Freaky 1L on 05/05/2007 02:01 AM | Number of feedback 0

The "right to bear arms" is enshrined in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, and is one which pressure groups hotly defend. Guns, with some regulation, are widely available to buy across the US. The shooting at Virginia Tech University shows that guns are the problem and Americans should not have right to bear arms. Do u agree with this??

Posted by: pink2purple on 05/18/2007 03:03 AM | Number of feedback 0

yes, but one must take into consideration the context of when The Constitution was original created.  How long did it take to reload a gun after firing it?  How many shots was that gun able to fire at a time?  Also, do we have the same need to carry guns to protect ourselves and they did back then?  I will have to double check my history books, but I believe we have a police force today designed to protect citizens where as they did not back then and thus had a need for everyone to carry a gun.  Maybe the constitution needs to be updated to reflect the current and ever changing times, where we have automatic weapons which can fire off several rounds of shot.  Just a thought.

Posted by: Dunki on 07/12/2007 11:52 AM | Number of feedback 0
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