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Practice of Law to be Taught at Law School | BY Stony Olsen
Most law schools are full of academic classes, and the occasional internship/ mediation seminar, with one or two practice of law classes scattered in.  But that means most "how to actually practice law" education is left to your summer programs.  The Washington & Lee School o...
Call Girls in the Air? | By Stony Olsen
We just posted about the <a xhref="">Seven Deadly Sins</a> and sure enough, we have more salacious legal sins, of the call girl kind, in the air.  Most people have probably heard about Democrat New York Governor Eliot Spitz...
More Deadly Sins... 7 of them, in fact | By Stony Olsen
We all know the original seven deadly sins: pride, lust, anger, gluttony, indolence (or laziness), envy, and greed.  They've proudly been broken for hundreds if not thousands of years now.  But now the Catholic Church has <a xhref="
Law Firms start building up Undergrads, high schoolers |By Stony Olsen
It seems insane that in the first few weeks of starting law school, you are being recruited. Not content with that, some law firms are starting to recruit from undergraduate college ranks and even beyond that--into high school. Well, more like trying to build an awareness of the law, and interest....
Spam is not free speech | By Stony Olsen
The Virginia Supreme Court upheld the first felony conviction for Spam in the US today.  Jeremy Jaynes had been sentenced to 9 years in prison for spamming on a large scale--over 53,000 emails in a three day period alone.  That's a lot of spam mail.  For all that email, he grossed...
Life Balance | By Stony Olsen
Students, let's look at life balance: the juggling of home life and work life. The Wall Street Journals' law blog has brought up the issues of life balance. Conclusions? Thirty to fifty percent of BigLaw associates leave their firms within three or four years, the majority due to choice. ...
Today is February MBE Day | By Stony Olen
Today is the February MBE exam day.  There's two traditional dates of Bar Exams: July and February.  July is the one most students go for; while February is sat by people for a variety of reasons.  The February exam is usually more difficult to study for, though.  Reason bein...
Do Not Call List made permanent | By Stony Olsen
Most people like the Do Not Call list, where  telemarketers cannot call you (except for a few exceptions).  The problem was that every five years you had to renew your name on the list.Well, President Bush on February 15th <a xhref="
Decide quick, Summer Associates | By Stony Olsen
NALP has <a xhref="">established new guidelines</a> for summer associates starting this fall.  Under the new guidelines, second-year students will have 45 days to decide whether to accept or decline an offer for ...
Law student love | By Stony Olsen
Ah yes, it's that day of days, Valentines day.  The day when you and your honey spend lots of ti--what's that?  No honey?  Yeah, I've been there and done that.  You just don't have time, what with briefing all those cases (or at least <i>pretending</i>...
459 matches |  151-160 displayed
1  16 17 18 19 20  46

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University of Michigan Ann Arbor School of Law

The University of Michigan Ann Arbor School of Law or the Michigan School of Law as it is popularly known is one of the oldest law schools of the U.S. and it consistently ranks among the top 10 law schools of the U.S. in rankings published by different sources and organizations. Michigan Law School is considered to have one of the best campuses and collegiate environment among U.S. law schools.

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